Dr. Rakesh Mittal, MBBS, MD, PhD

About Dr. Rakesh Mittal, MBBS, MD, PhD

Dr. Rakesh Mittal is a Board Certified Internal Medicine specialist in the St. Petersburg, Florida region and practices under the name of Pinellas Internal Medicine Specialists.

Dr Rakesh Mittal is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist in the St Petersburg, Florida region. He graduated from S.N Medical school in India. After his Medical school, Dr Mittal, went to Canada to pursue a career in Cancer Research and earned a PhD degree in medicine (Molecular Biology) at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. There he won the prestigious Governors General Gold medal for his research efforts, the highest Canadian award for a graduate student. In addition he has published extensively about his research on "Human Papilloma Virus" in various reputable  journals. His research on "Hormone regulation of the HPV16&18 Virus" also contributed to the knowledge that led to the making of a vaccine for HPV later on. After his Doctorate degree Dr. Mittal went on to do a residency in Internal Medicine in the prestigious Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is here where he learned the Art of Medical decision making and evidence based Medicine.

Dr Mittal moved down to Florida in 1997 where he has been practicing Internal medicine in an Office, Rehab and Hospital setting.


Information: Board Certified: Y  |  Board Eligible: Y

Specialties: Internal Medicine

Office Address:

5880 49th St North
Suite 105 N
St Petersburg
Phone : 727-527-0797
Fax : 727-528-7703
Email : rakesh9362@gmail.com