News Post From Dr. Meenakshi Jain MD., FACOG., MBBS

Axonics for Urinary and Fecal Incontinence 7
I am dedicated to providing outstanding clinical care and want to ensure that my patients are aware of the latest treatment options available for female pelvic medicine. I’m excited to announce that I’m offering The Axonics System for treatment of bladder and bowel incontinence. This system has revolutionized the treatment of these conditions. You may be a candidate for this new advanced therapy if you have any of the following symptoms:
  • Frequent or uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom
  • Leaking urine before you reach the bathroom
  • Experiencing frequent leaks
  • Difficulty fully emptying your bladder
  • Inability to control your bowel movements
If you are receiving treatment for these symptoms already and are not satisfied with the results, this treatment option may be an option for you.
The Axonics Therapy, provides gentle stimulation to the nerves that control the bladder and bowel. This stimulation can restore normal control of the bladder and bowel, resulting in symptom improvement. The therapy provides significant advancements by offering:
  • A short evaluation period that lets you experience first-hand if this therapy works for you
  • The potential for long-term symptom relief– the system is designed to provide therapy for a minimum of 15 years
  • The ability to undergo an MRI without any concerns
I am proud to be a Axonics Center of Excellence, a recognition for my expertise in having successfully treated many patients with Axonics Therapy. If you are interested in speaking with me to see if Axonics Therapy is right for you, message me to schedule an appointment. 
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