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Misinformation By California Doctors on COVID-19 On Fox News And YouTube
My cousin, Dr. Robert Colton, shared this on his FB page.
His words:
These 2 ER doctors must have failed statistics 101 in Medical School. They conclude the following: Since 12% of covid tests done in California are positive, 12% of 39 million Californians have had the disease ( almost 5 million). But the people having the tests are self selected ( many with symptoms), not a control group. It's really, really stupid, and immediately obvious to anyone with even a basic understanding of statistics. Based on that data, they estimate that Covid death rate in California is 0.03%, less lethal than the flu (0.1%). What happened? The video has been viewed almost 5 million times, They have become right wing media heroes, and appeared on Fox News. How sad. Pseudoscience is alive and well.
YouTube took the video down today
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